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Our company was established in Miami, Florida in 1999. It provides an outstanding service distributing shapewear and lingerie worldwide.

Our manufacturer, located in Colombia (South America), carefully selects the fabrics to create each of these works of art that are the product of 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing body shapewear. Colombia is considered one of the best countries in lingerie design and fabrics manufacture.

As a woman's life changes, so does a woman's needs; that's why we strive for our products to be adapted to modern women's needs.

Our Body Shapers offer comfort and flexibility together with the best materials and workmanship. Adding this to an excellent design results in high quality products that fit any woman's needs.

For all these reasons, we can be sure that we provide our customers with the best quality shapewear and lingerie in the market and that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction in all our products.

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